How to clean fish tank decorations

The appealing decorations in the tank are also a pleasure in fish-keeping for aquarium enthusiasts. Items left in water for extended periods of time, on the other hand, are likely to be coated with algae, get calcified, lose colour, and pose a sanitation issue.

 Cleaning of decors is required to ensure the quality of water, which is also the challenge that most amateurs will confront, namely, how to clean the tank decors safely. And I hope this essay was of some assistance to you.

Method 1: Use boiled water

Hot water may successfully kill algae without injuring your fish.


It is also convenient for me at home because it is simple and effective. First, boil some clean water and pour it into a clean pail or basin. After about ten minutes, you can easily wipe off the surface of the algae.

Method 2: Use vinegar

Using vinegar to clean your tank decorations is one of the simplest methods. White vinegar is an inexpensive and effective way to remove algae and other dirt from your decorations.

Gather the following items to prepare for cleaning: white vinegar, a clean cloth, a bucket, and a soft brush (I generally prepare a pair of gloves as well).


Carefully remove the ornaments, then fill the bucket with water and white vinegar in a 1:1 ratio, and soak the decorations for 30 minutes before brushing the gunk away.

Finally, rinse it with water. This method is the second safest and is sometimes used in aquariums.

Method 3: Use muriatic acid and baking soda.

Here’s the alternative route. If the decorations in your tank, such as rocks, appear faded, you can try muriatic acid. You’ll need water, muriatic acid, baking soda, a brush, and latex gloves.


Put on latex gloves to avoid acid splashing on the body, then use 5% Muriatic acid (about two teaspoons of acid per gallon of water), soak the decorations for about 20 minutes (don’t forget to add three teaspoons of baking soda in about 15 minutes to neutralise the acid), scrub with a brush, and finally rinse with water.

Final thoughts

Cleaning your aquarium’s decor is critical to maintaining your tank in peak shape. Decorations might become polluted or covered with algae over time. By following my recommendations, you can make your tank look its best while keeping your fish healthy and safe.

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