How many fish in a three gallon tank?

A Common rule

For beginners, there is a rule that states that one inch of fish can be kept in each gallon of water, therefore three one-inch fish can be kept in a three-gallon tank. In fact, the fish we select should not be larger than 2 inches due to the restrictions of the tank’s size and other decorations.

Choosing the right fish for the aquarium

In the three-gallon tank, we cannot keep too many fish, so we had better choose, like solitary, territorial, and low-bioload species. Fish temperament and fish combinations need to be taken into consideration. If it satisfies the aforementiosned criteria, it is the three-gallon tank that is selected. Fish with a low biological load produce less waste, so you don’t need to pay as much attention to the tank (regular maintenance is needed) and some of them can even act as tank cleaners themselves. Solitary fish prefer to live alone and are less bothered by disturbances. Territorial fish can experience the joy of owning their own place in this tank. The best fish include Betta fish, neon tetra, pea puffers, etc.

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Who says there can’t be fish in the tank?

In addition to the fish that are appropriate for this tank, there are some fish that you should not keep there. For example, schooling fish that are active (such as barbs and platies) prefer to be kept in groups of six to eight, which is unsuitable for a three-gallon tank, and having just one or two of them there will stress them out and have an adverse effect on their health; fish that are aggressive (such as the pea pufferfish), which can seriously harm other vulnerable residents and turn  

Fish medleys

Now, if you want to make a tank that is harmonious, here are some suggested fish combinations for you to consider: The mix of these critters gives this tank the most enjoyment: 10 cherry shrimp, 2 nerite snails, 5 cherry shrimp, 2 honey gouramis, 3 least killifish, and 1 nerite snail.

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Tank with plants

In addition to the fish, the tank’s plants are also crucial since they not only help the water’s oxygen levels stay balanced, but they also provide as a habitat for little fish. Java moss, Java fern, micro sword, and Anachris are all excellent plants to grow in a tank to create something new.

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