How much does a 10 gallon tank weigh?


A 10-gallon tank typically measures 16″ x 8″ x 10″. When empty, a 10-gallon tank weighs approximately 10 pounds without any additional equipment. The kind of tank and the material used to make it will determine how this works, though. A glass tank often weighs more than an acrylic one.

After including water, decorations, and other equipment, the weight will also go up. When we add substrate and water, the weight rises 103-105 pounds. Despite being little, it still requires a strong and solid stand to sustain it.


The ideal solution is to purchase a specific aquarium holder. There are two options available to you: wood and metal. Brackets made of metal are often stronger and lighter. But wood is less expensive. Of course, it is also important to take into account whether the wood can be waterproof in order to avoid moisture from reducing the wood’s efficacy.

It is usually better to use a platform that can support more weight rather than taking the chance of placing the tank on anything unstable.


Get some information about a 10-gallon fish tank based on your budget before deciding to buy one. Even though the fish tank is small, it still needs a stand that can support 110 gallons to prevent any accidents.

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