How to clean a betta fish tank

If you’re a new betta fish owner, you’ll need to know how and how often to clean the aquarium. The following article will provide detailed instructions on how to complete this endeavour.

How often should a Betta fish tank be cleaned?

It depends on the size and number of animals in your aquarium. Are there additional fish?

Importantly, does the aquarium have a filter? Particularly for novices, we recommend a filter because it can help you effectively control the water’s quality, reduce the frequency of water changes, and cut down on cleaning time.

A betta fish maintained in a 19-liter tank without a filter requires cleaning every four to five weeks; however, a filter can extend the time between cleanings to six to eight months.

How Long Does It Take To Clean A Betta Tank?

Adding gravel, ornaments, and plants to a betta aquarium does not require much time.

When you change the water in your fish tank is an ideal time to clean it. This may involve a modest, weekly water change or a large, bimonthly water change.

This means that after cleaning, you can introduce some fresh water to the tank.

How To Completely Clean A Tank?

 Let’s now discover how to clean the reservoir.

1.Prepare the water that will be used to replace the water. If you intend to replace the majority of the water, you must prepare it all at once to maintain stable water parameters.

2.This leads us to the next step: remove the fish. Put your friend in an appropriate clean container for a while, and he can remain there until the cleansing is complete.

Next, collect the proportion of tank water that must be introduced back to the tank and store it in a clean container (if replacing any water after cleaning).

4.Remove all objects, rinse them under flowing water, and scrub the surface of the glass with a sponge until the glass is sufficiently clean.

5.Be meticulous when cleaning gravel by sifting it. Decorations and synthetic flora can be easily scrubbed clean.

6.Now that everything has been thoroughly cleaned, you can restore the gravel, replace the ornaments and artificial plants, and begin adding water. Two-thirds of the additional water should come from the original reservoir.


Betta fish are comparatively simple to care for, but this does not mean that they should be handled carelessly. Before purchasing your first betta, ensure you comprehend how to clean and maintain the tank. Consider employing a natural cleaner to help you maintain a clean tank.

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