How much is a fish tank

Fish keeping is a very gratifying and rewarding hobby. The thought of exploring this amazing world might make you wonder about the potential costs involved.

The good news is that you’ve found the right location to get an answer!

What does it cost to keep fish in a tank?

Obviously, there is no blanket statement about how much water tanks cost. Size, material, and accessories are the three key determinants of tank cost.

Size & material

Because more materials are required for larger tanks, they are more expensive for novice fish keepers. A 10-gallon tank costs, on average, $60; a 20-gallon tank, $100; and a 55-gallon tank, $350.

The water tank comes in two different materials: acrylic and glass; acrylic tanks will cost somewhat more than glass ones. Therefore, the typical price range is between $75 and $400.

Additional Costs

Some of the equipment required for most tanks includes a heater, filter, light, substrate, and even fish food.


You will need to spend $15 on a heater to maintain the water’s temperature between 76 and 81 degrees Fahrenheit if your aquarium contains tropical species, but not if you currently reside in a tropical climate.


Your aquarium needs substrate to provide the fish with a comfortable living space. Instead of sand, I advise investing $15 to $20 on large pebbles to stop ammonia from quickly building up and poisoning the water. And simple to clean.


I strongly advise you get a filter as soon as possible because it will improve the quality of your water and make cleaning much simpler. A filter typically costs $30 to $50, which is not particularly cost-effective but can bring you a lot of convenience.


The tank also requires light in order for the aquatic plants to photosynthesize, which in turn encourages the circulation of various materials and elements in the water.

The maximum you can spend on an LED light is $35, so that is what you should anticipate doing. because your living room does not have enough light.


Some mishaps can be avoided with a stand. A stand can be useful in this situation because you don’t want to place your tank on a table that cannot support its weight. The average cost is $80; but, if you want it customized, the price may increase to $350. If you’re a skilled craftsperson, making it yourself will allow you to save money.

Other equipment

includes items like algae scrapers, siphon pipes, nets, glass cleaner, and fish food in addition to the large, expensive components.

These are excellent for tank upkeep, which will run you $35–$40.


Researching the species you intend to keep and the care they require is the best course of action because the cost of purchasing and keeping a tank varies.

In order to lower your expense of trial and error and learn how to better care for your fish, I advise you to start your endeavor with $200 and get a 10-gallon tank.

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