What size of aquarium tank is required for a betta fish?

Betta fish are quite popular since they are colourful and one-of-a-kind. For the novice who wishes to keep it as a pet, some care requirements, such as how large a tank does betta require, are essential.

Introduction to Betta fish

Betta fish can live up to three years and can reach lengths of three inches. It can be kept alone in a tank because it is a territorial fish.

However, you must remove Betta fish from the tank if they act aggressively when housed with other fish. Nevertheless, bettas make good first pets and don’t require much space.

In light of the betta essentials listed above, I would advise you to keep your betta in a tank no smaller than 5 gallons. These tanks are typically at least 12 inches/30 cm wide, providing your betta with plenty of room to swim and explore. Because it will be simpler for the betta to surface and inhale air, a wide tank is preferable versus a tall one.

Best betta fish tanks for beginners

 A good tank is advantageous to both you and your companion. I will suggest two tanks that are appropriate for beginners because a tank that is too complicated can cause you to make a mistake very easily.

Spec V Fluval

The 5 gallon size of the Fluval Spec V is suggested to provide your fish enough of area because it comes with everything but a heater.

Additionally, all of the equipment that powers the tank is concealed to the side, freeing up space for other pieces of machinery. Overall, getting this tank kit is an excellent choice.

Black Aqueon 10 gallons

This tank is almost like a canvas; it gives you lots of space for your fish to swim and allows you to organise your tank as you desire. This tank may be less beginner-friendly without the accessories that came with the original model (filters, lights, and even a lid), but it’s incredibly affordable and provides you a lot of creative space.

Tank Configuration

There is plenty to be done with the betta tank’s setup in addition to size.

filtering As long as you perform a water change every two weeks, the filtering system is not advised for tanks under 5 gallons.

The filtering system is crucial if your tank holds more than 5 gallons. Perform a trustworthy water quality test and finish it as instructed before installing the filtration system. I advise spending money on a multistage filtration system that permits advantageous microorganisms to live freely and keep the water at its best.


Since betta are tropical fish, a heater is necessary for their well-being.

As previously stated, the tank’s ideal water temperature range is 75 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit. To maintain the tank’s ideal water temperature, I advise installing a 3 or 5 watt per gallon heater. You can also get an electric thermometer to keep track of your body temperature.


The beneficial bacteria in the substrate at the bottom not only perform as decoration but also consume the dangerous ammonia, keeping your fish from becoming ill.

I advise using gravel as a substrate since sand is too thin to prevent oxygen-free areas from forming, which promotes dangerous bacteria and fungi and serves as a haven for algae.

Water Plants

By picking the correct plant, you can control the water circulation and ensure the health of your fish while also getting fantastic visual enjoyment.

Choose vegetation that won’t hurt your fish, like thorny plants.

Water lilies and other floating plants are the best living plants. Your fish may also find cover in floating vegetation. Additionally, pothos and Java ferns are suitable plants for betta tanks.

Betta fish are a beautiful creature that give your home aquarium more energy. Before you buy the tank, calculate its capacity; often, the minimum size is 5 gallons.

Additionally, as bettas are territorial fish, do not keep two male bettas together if you don’t want to witness a bloody feast.

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