what kind of water for fish tank

Adding and changing water is a crucial element of fish keeping. To keep the fish alive, you must have a consistent source of water.

As a beginner, you’re probably wondering what the best water is. So, let us discuss the most usually utilised water in the tank and how to select it.

Sources of Tank Water

When selecting a water source, keep in mind that water has an impact on fish survival. Fresh water can be utilised directly, however salt water must be blended with other chemicals.

Municipal Tap Water

Tap water is the most regularly used in the tank by most people.

However, tap water may contain other contaminants that are dangerous to your fish, and devices utilise chloramines to disinfect the water, which, while safe to consume, may be harmful to your fish. Please dechlorinate it before using it in the tank.

Distilled Water

To remove contaminants, distilled water is heated and cooled. If you use distilled water in your aquarium, you must remineralize it before adding it.

In your tank, I recommend utilising both distilled and tap water. Distilled water helps to keep fish tanks healthy by neutralising tap water. It is reasonably priced, although it is dependent on the size of your tank.


Rainwater can be a natural and inexpensive supply of water for your tank.

Rainwater, like all other sources, must be treated before being put to your fish tank. Rainwater is poor in minerals and vulnerable to air and other pollutants, therefore it must be tested before being added to the tank.

Deionized water (DI water)

All of the ions in deionized water are gone, as are all of the minerals, but the bacteria’s viruses are not. If this water is used in the aquarium, it will be remineralized. You can do this as well, although I wouldn’t encourage it (since we have mineral water on hand).

RO water (reverse osmosis water)

After the reverse osmosis process, all components and dangerous compounds in the water are eliminated, resulting in water GH and KH levels of 0, as well as a lack of fish survival elements, making it an unsuitable choice; it will produce dramatic variations in the pH level of the tank.

Water in Bottles

Bottled water is not toxic to humans, however it is damaging to fish.

Bottled water is filtered to remove some harmful compounds, but it may also be lacking in important substances for fish, so before using bottled water, test and adjust the water quality.

Furthermore, if your tank is huge and you require additional bottled water, this is not a cost-effective option.

Best Fish Tank Water Source

It all depends. Normally, it is decided by the size of your tank and the species you have.

Most pet fish, such as goldfish, crucians, and tropical fish, can be kept in tap water.

If you have a tiny tank (less than 10 gallons). I propose trying bottled mineral water, which is widely available and will offer wonderful water for your fish. Also, unless absolutely necessary, avoid switching brands frequently.


The water you use should be suitable for your fish and tank. In general, before utilising any water, the parameters of the water should be tested. Tap water should be de-chlorinated; distilled and deionized water should be re-mineralized; alternatively the simplest solution is to combine mineral water 1:1.

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