What do snails eat in a fish tank?

People keep snails in aquariums for a variety of reasons, including cleaning and decoration. However, you must know what your snail is eating in the tank for any reason.

The most common snails in the tank, such as the mystery snail, Nerite Snail, and Rabbit Snail, eat algae, decaying plants, greens, and occasionally other small insects.


Snails’ principal food source is algae. Algae grow in any tank with too much light and warm water. If you have an overabundance of algae in your tank, your snails will clear it up. Unfortunately, snails avoid harder algae such as black beard and green spot algae. They like softer types, such as green dust.

Decaying Plant

As live plants grow, the older growth breaks down and sloughs off naturally. This rotting plant tissue is especially appealing to snails because it is soft and easy to scrape into their jaws.

Snails consume dead and decaying plant material, which is pretty convenient. If they eat the wilting leaves and stems, you’ll have less mess to clean up! If maintained with other aquatic critters, they will also prefer uneaten fish food.

Vegetables and Fruits

Snails eat a variety of vegetables and fruits, including carrots, lettuce, snap peas, and other greens. Clean and peel the vegetables well. The rougher veggies can then be blanched and cooled before giving to your snails.

Similarly, your snails will enjoy a variety of healthful fruits such as watermelon, grapes, pumpkin, apples, and pears. However, acidic foods such as oranges and tomatoes should be avoided.


As a result, if you have pet snails, they can eat a variety of things. They prefer green foods like algae and rotting plant stuff, but they also enjoy meaty items like tiny insects.

They can assist you in removing some of the dead leaves and algae, but they cannot be the primary cleaning force in the tank.

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