small fish tank lights for aquarium plants

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small fish tank lights for aquarium plants

Product introduction

  • This aquarium lampuses 5050 and 2835 beads and has a longer life of up to 30,000 hours.
  • The input voltage of the light is 110-120V or 220-240V, the corresponding output voltage is 20V, it’s safe for the human body.


On/Off: Turn on the button of light switch on or on the lamp holder, press the light touch switch for more than 3S for a long time, or press the power button of the remote control to turn off the light.

Day/Night Management

  • Press the 24/7 button to enter the 24-hour automatic cycle.
  • Press the time button on the remote control closest to your local time. You can work with simulated sunlight. Press the light touch switch on the line, or you can quickly enter the color selection: white, blue, white, blue, cloudy, lightning, sunny moonlight mode.
  • You can also choose quick weather mode on the remote control: cloudy, lightning, sunny, moonlight.
  • Memory mode: short discontinuous power, can remember the lighting mode designed before.

Four Custom Colors for Remote Control Settings:

  • Choose one of the four memory patterns. Like W, R, G, B
  • Adjust the brightness according to the up and down arrows corresponding to red, blue, white and green. Hold one of the Settings in M1,M2,M3, or M4.Note: the current red, blue, white and green brightness difference is only 10%. Press the up and down button to adjust the brightness by only 10%.
  • Maximum luminance: hold down the Max key of the remote control to set the maximum luminance of all lights. Press the power button of the remote control to turn off the lights
  • Demo: press the Demo button to view the 24-hour day/night cycle.





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